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Channel some energy by using something sharp and imagine cutting some fabric of our reality. Something strange and electrifying emerges…


Helping the creation of new artworks, Urban design, sculptures or any design and artistic production 


The essence of design should follow the engaging aspects of beauty, empathy and community

What is the meaning of Art and Sharp?


"Just imagine a cut, an explosion, a high contrast of shapes and colors.Try to visualize something sharp!"

“The world we live in is comprised of shoals of fish. Everyone is a little fish. But we cannot see the big picture – the shifting and travelling shape of the shoal as a unit – while we are moving as a part of it. When we detach a bit from the shoal, we are able to watch the blindness of that communal consciousness.” 

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I am delighted to announce my new Art Exhibition at 


The exhibition space Assembly Point Located at 152 Sturt St Southbank, MELBOURNE.

Assembly Point comprises of five glass vitrines lining the walkway between Sturt Street and Moore Street 


ARt and matter 

5-31 MArch 2019 


'This exploration of art drove a journey into deep areas of matter and space: rocks, sharp terrains, micro nuclear tech, biological contrasts are all transported on a canvas from accurate annotations or distant visions. Each canvas is neither sculpture nor painting. The attempt is to simply open a fabric of reality, research it and share it with the common observer. 

Some content appears familiar; some others require pushing the journey farer. If matter is the base for creation, then art is deeply intertwined with it. My job was to record it when that happened'.


– D. Presta, 2019. 



'ART AND MATTER' 2019 - Photos & Extras











  • The beauty of Art and Design

    It is crucial to recognise the fine line between art and practicality.

    Art and Sharp is all about being minimal, original, balanced and effective.

    'My objective is to help to achieve a constant improvement in the local design and artistic 
    culture: ‘A smart creative process is like a sharp compass showing the desired path 
    within the variegated spectrum of design’


    Daniele  Presta - Founder of Art and Sharp

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